The #pinkmaskchallenge has officially begun to carry the frontline passed breast cancer awareness month. Frontliners Med is here for the duration of treatment for any frontliner experiencing breast cancer warrior and their family. It is important to understand the challenges and isolation that these warriors and their families feel as they undergo breast cancer treatment protocols involving chemotherapy and radiation. While these therapies are designed to kill the cancer, they suppress the immune system, leaving those fighting cancer susceptible to bacterial or viral infections that pose a dangerous threat to those during their battle. Proper respiratory protection is essential. Facing the fear of cancer is enough stress in itself and then to worry about contracting a secondary infection because of lack of protection...geez. Anyone undergoing treatment for cancer are taught to take precautions to maximize their health during their battle. As frontliners we know what it’s like to fight. We fight for each other, we fight for our patients and their families, and we fight for what’s right. Frontliners Med has stepped up to provide respiratory protection for those who on the fronline and for those who are immunosuppressed not only during the winter, not only during the pandemic, but always. Rest assured that during this pandemic and medical supply shortage, Frontliners Med will do absolutely anything and everything to make sure our frontline and our patients are protected.



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