We are revolutionizing the way we support our frontline workers.  Through high quality medical products and subsidized mental health services.  PPE + Mental Health = Our Frontline First.

“We are nurses on a mission to revolutionize the way the frontline is provided for.  In creating Frontliners Med we have taken control of the supply chain and delivered a frontline inspired PPE brand that supports and advocates for the mental health and well being of those on the frontline.  Frontliners Med stands as a reminder of what we had to go without and as a promise to where we will never be again.”
- Candice

For every Frontliners product you buy, we’ll donate PPE and fund mental health resources for frontliners, because frontliners need our support.  They’re working tirelessly to care for the community, and they need to be cared for, too. That why we've partnered with Therapy Aid Coalition, our 5013c partner. They offer free and low-cost mental health scholarships for Frontline Workers. This ensures they are fully protected on the frontlines - physically, mentally and emotionally. As a frontliner-founded company, we thank you for your continued support.

 We’re looking to expand the network of Mental health and holistic wellness partners Non profit organizations willing to progress our mission. In particular, we are keen to connect with grief and trauma-support practitioners.
For Partnerships: hello@frontliners-med.com